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Properly calculating child support from a military service member

It is a parent's duty to provide for her or his children. The military takes this responsibility quite seriously, which is why it requires service members to adhere to strict child support policies.

If you are divorcing from your spouse and either of you is a service member, it is important to understand how to determine how much child support you will receive or have to pay. A few different factors establish the proper payment amount.

Determine pay

To determine a service member's pay, courts may review certain documents, such as:

  • Military pay chart
  • Leave and earning statements
  • Attorney General tax chart

If you are not the service member, it may not be easy to secure these documents. In some cases, it can be helpful to have your divorce attorney help you petition for and retrieve the documents.

Allowances and additions

When considering the calculation payment for a service member, there are a few additions to consider and include. Along with pay, some service members receive allowances for housing or clothing. Also, service members are required to provide health insurance for their children, and additional childcare may be necessary while the individual is on deployment. All these things factor into the calculation.

Child Support calculation

There is a general child support calculator, as well as specific rules that apply within each state. The Arizona Judicial Branch provides resources, including:

  • Child support guidelines
  • Support amount calculator
  • Parental education
  • Additional resources

Along with your state, you should also check the child support requirements for the actual military branch you or your ex-spouse are in. Each branch has its own regulations, and it is critical that all parties involved properly adhere to them.

As you can see, the process for determining child support involving a military service member is quite in-depth. It is imperative you follow the proper procedures and requirements, otherwise, the service member may face harsh punishment. Be sure to put forth the necessary time and effort to handle the process properly. 

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