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Do the child custody arrangements need revision?

Modifying a divorce agreement is a fairly common undertaking. Circumstances change in life, and you may find that your original agreement no longer works because a new situation has developed.

The court would likely be open to approving a change in your divorce agreement if the request involves a modification to child custody. If you and your ex are in tune on the change, so much the better.

Job changes

A job change for you or your ex-spouse, especially if it constitutes a move out of town or out of the state, would be a legitimate reason for you to request a change in your child custody agreement. Or perhaps your work position at your current company may change, drastically affecting your schedule. 

Medical issues

If you or your ex has developed a serious medical issue that would impact the existing child visitation schedule, a change to the agreement would seem to be in order. The same could be said if your child is the one who has developed an illness. This might also necessitate more financial assistance from the other parent.

Issues with your former spouse

Your ex may have remarried, and you may believe that the new spouse is crossing a line you have drawn with respect to the values you have been teaching your child. You might also be concerned that your ex has become an alcoholic or a drug addict. Even worse, you may suspect that your ex is abusing your child in some way. These are all reasons to request a change in your child custody agreement.

Proof positive

An experienced attorney can help draw up the revised child custody agreement to ensure there are no errors. The court will require you to provide evidence that will back up your request for modification, such as a statement from a physician verifying an illness or a letter from your employer confirming your job relocation. Considering the change in circumstances, as long as the request for modification is in the child’s best interests, your petition stands a good chance of being granted.

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