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Ways to resolve child custody dispute with minimal conflict

Parents who are involved in high-conflict divorces in Phoenix often tend to end up with custody disputes. Whether these disagreements are the result of one parent wanting to exert control over the other parent or because they really do not see eye-to-eye, the lingering consequences can be toxic to their children's health and well-being. To protect the best interests of their children, divorcing spouses should learn how to resolve child custody disputes with minimal conflict.

Establish boundaries

Parents who are always fighting and arguing about their kids often overstep each other’s personal boundaries. They may question their ex-spouse’s behavior or personal life and other issues that may not be relevant to their children. They may also critique and try to control the other’s parenting style. These actions are easily avoidable if both parents create boundaries and enforce them. They should avoid talking about any aspect of their lives that does not pertain to their children’s well-being. They should also avoid discussions about parenting styles and behaviors unless there are issues that endanger their kids.

Avoid solo exchange spots

Parents who tend to fuss and fight every time they are around each other should not pick up and drop their kids off to the other parent directly. They should instead meet in public places where the chances of arguments and conflicts are minimal, such as in busy store parking lots, inside of malls or at police stations.

Use nonverbal communication tools

Communication is imperative, especially for parents who are always fighting. Parents do not necessarily need to speak with each other to discuss their kids’ needs. They can resort to using written communication in the form of text messages, emails and letters. Regardless of their chosen method of communication, parents should remain respectful and avoid negative language and phrases that can increase the tension between them.

Always show respect

Parents who are always at war with each other are frequently disrespectful towards each other too. They may still be harboring negative feelings and looking for ways to take them out on their former partners. They need to remember that the only relationships they have left together solely exist between them and their children. To ensure they put their kids first, they should always speak and treat each other with respect.

Child custody disputes can often bring out the worst in people, causing them to forget about their kids’ feelings and well-being. Those who want to resolve their custody disputes for the sake of their children should speak to an attorney about their situation to learn their options.

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