Protecting Fathers' Rights

While Arizona family law now views fathers with the same legal rights to custody and visitation as mothers, sometimes having those rights recognized can still be a challenge.

I am lawyer David Moore. If you are frustrated and stressed because you feel you are not getting the chance to have a relationship with your children, come to my office in Phoenix. I have helped countless dads like you get results that protect your parental rights.

Proving That You Are The Father

You can say that you are a child's biological father all you want, but the court will not listen unless you prove it. In most cases, you can solve this problem through a simple DNA test. This will allow you to establish custody and visitation. It may also mean that you will need to pay child support.

As a long-practicing family law attorney, I know how important it is for a child of divorce or the dissolution of a relationship to have healthy relationships with both parents. My commitment to parents is that I will do everything possible to help your children maintain loving, stable relationships with both of their parents.

In protecting fathers' rights and all family law matters, I put the same principles to use in service to my clients. I will work tirelessly to find the best solution that allows you to move forward with your life with your rights intact and a minimum of stress. You already have enough to worry about. By finding workable solutions with your ex, you will be able to focus on your relationship with your children.

Contact My Office Today To Get Help

Do not try to take matters into your own hands. The courts and law requires you to take certain steps to establish your rights as a father. I can personally guide you through every step of the process. To learn more, contact my Phoenix, Arizona, law firm, David G. Moore P.C., via email or by calling 602-730-7648.