How Is Property Divided In Arizona?

Arizona law states that any property or debts acquired during a marriage is "community property" that will be evenly divided in a divorce. This does not mean a judge will cut everything in two. Getting to an equitable distribution takes work.

I am Phoenix-based attorney David Moore. I have helped countless divorcing clients get through the property division with their rights and financial well-being intact. I can help you find solutions regarding:

  • Your home and other physical assets
  • Retirement and investment accounts
  • You or your spouse's business and any related debt

Many couples choose to remove questions from the property division process by negotiating a prenuptial agreement. However, if you don't have a prenup, it will be necessary to do careful work to establish the value of each asset and determine if it is community property, sole property or a portion has become commingled. For example, this could be a retirement account that you started before the marriage but continued to contribute to it while you were married.

Keeping You Focused On Finding Workable Solutions

There is no doubt that divorce can be a stressful experience that leaves you feeling bitter toward your ex. Unfortunately, far too many people put their future finances at risk by needlessly fighting just to get the same outcome they could have reached months before.

As your advocate, I will give you the informed, strategic advice about how the courts work and what you will likely be able to achieve. If that means it makes more sense for you to work out a settlement, I will tell you. I will never advise you to waste time and money to fight a losing battle. It is important that you exit the property division process on sound financial footing, so you can move on with your life.

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