Five Things To Think About With Prenuptial Agreements

Anyone who reads about celebrity divorces knows about prenuptial agreements, but many people do not know if a prenuptial agreement is right for them. I am attorney David Moore. At my law firm, I take the time to learn about each person's unique circumstances to help them determine if a prenup is right for them.

When you come into my office, I will help you think about important questions like:

1. What Type Of Assets Do You Have?

Many people who come into a marriage with a significant amount of assets want to be able to retain control of those assets in a divorce, even if those assets become community property.

2. Do You Have Children From A Prior Relationship?

Whether those children are adults or minors, you entering into a new marriage will affect your kids' inheritance rights and ability to give them assets while you are still alive if you get another divorce. If you want to protect those assets for your children, a prenuptial agreement may be right.

3. Do You Or Your Future Spouse Own A Business?

Business profits and debts can make the property division process quite complex during a divorce. If you own a business, a prenuptial agreement can protect your ownership and the company's future.

4. Is Your Future Spouse Bringing A Lot Of Debt Into The Marriage?

Just like profits, Arizona law considers debts acquired during the marriage as community property. If your fiancé is bringing business debt (or any other debts) into the marriage, you can use a prenup to shield yourself from liability.

5. Do You Anticipate Acquiring A Lot Of Property During Your Marriage?

For some couples who do not have a lot starting out, they may still want a prenuptial agreement to control the property division process if they anticipate buying a home, car or vacation home. Additionally, you could use a postnuptial agreement if your situation changes during the marriage.

Learn More At A Free Consultation

While the internet offers numerous do-it-yourself prenup forms, you should always work with an experienced lawyer. Making sure an agreement protects your rights and is enforceable in court is crucial. To learn more about how I can help, contact my firm in Phoenix via email or by calling 602-730-7648.