Getting Through A Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, because how you get through the process will affect your life for years to come. That is why working with the right attorney early on is so important.

I am Phoenix-based attorney David Moore. As an experienced litigator, I know how to help you achieve your goals in a way that will allow you to move on with your rights and finances intact. You can rely on me to handle all of the difficult legal work and minimize your stress.

The Divorce Process In Arizona

Unlike some other states, the process here in Arizona is relatively easy if you and your ex can come to an agreement. Because Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, you do not have to establish fault. If you have children, there is a 90-day waiting period, and without children the waiting period is 60 days.

Even if you and your spouse agree on all of the major issues, it is important to work with a lawyer to protect your rights. An error could cause serious financial harm or affect your parental rights. I can help you:

  • Create a child custody and visitation plan that puts your children's best interests first
  • Negotiate the division of marital property, including debts, business assets, homes and retirement accounts
  • Ensure the courts treat you fairly when determining child support and spousal maintenance payments

While most divorces do not need to go to trial, there are some cases when it is necessary to ensure your voice is heard. I am an experienced trial litigator who will strenuously advocate on your behalf in court to help you achieve your goals.

Talk To A Lawyer Today About Your Options

Preparing for divorce is a great time to sit down with a lawyer and think critically about your situation. Together, we can come up with a plan that is in the best interests of you and your children, then I can help you figure out the best way to help you get to the finish line.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss these matters in-depth, please contact my law firm, David G. Moore P.C. via email or by calling 602-730-7648.