Resolving Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

Whenever a divorcing or separating couple has children, determining custody and visitation is almost always the most contentious, emotional subject. It can be hard to adjust to the fact that your children will not spend every night under your roof.

However, it is important to keep your children's best interests as the top priority. Usually, that means time with both parents. I am Phoenix-based family law attorney David Moore. As your lawyer, my commitment will be to protect your parental rights while also ensuring your children receive what is best for them.

I Will Protect Parent-Child Relationships

If you feel that your children's safety or well-being is at risk by spending time with your ex, then I will not hesitate to fight to keep them safe in court. In most cases, however, the courts will find it important for the children to have meaningful relationships with both parents.

This could take many different forms. It could mean spending equal time living with each parent. Or it could mean the children live under your roof and your ex has visitation rights. I will help identify your goals and help forge a plan with your ex that addresses issues like:

  • Decision making for your kids with regard to school, religion, medical care and other issues
  • Where the children will live
  • Who the children will spend holidays, summer vacations and weekends with

It is important to remember that custody disputes that turn especially bitter may have a negative effect on the children. Taking the time to find an arrangement that works with your ex will be a good start for your having to co-parent for years into the future.

Modifying Agreements When Circumstances Change

In certain circumstances — the children's safety, older children's wishes change, parental relocation — it may be possible to modify your child custody and visitation agreement. Never take matters into your own hands, because the courts will not look favorably on that. I can help you evaluate your options.

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