Resolving Family Law Disputes

Family law disputes leave people facing a million questions. I am Phoenix-area attorney David Moore. I am here to answer those questions, cut through the noise and provide clear, skilled guidance through a difficult time in your life. I can:

  • Help you through the divorce process, whether you are pursuing a no-fault divorce or fault divorce. I also assist military servicemen and women and their spouses.
  • Protect your parental rights in the child custody and visitation process and help determine a fair amount of child support to pay or receive.
  • Find solutions for the equitable distribution of property like homes and retirement and business assets.
  • Determine if a prenuptial agreement is right for you and negotiate an enforceable agreement.
  • Guide you through the adoption process to minimize or eliminate bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Protect you from domestic violence or protect you from false accusations that can be used to trample on your parental rights.

As my client, you will always receive focused, compassionate representation. I will work to help you find solutions that ensure you receive fair treatment, maintain your parental rights and relationships with your children, and move on with your life in good financial health.

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel. Call My Office Today.

I understand what a difficult time this is for you. Allowing a lawyer to carry your burdens for you is an important step toward regaining peace of mind. To learn more about your rights and options, contact my law firm, David G. Moore P.C., in Phoenix, Arizona, via email or by calling 602-730-7648.